6 Holiday Eating Rules to Stay on Track


I LOVE the holidays…absolutely love them and everything that goes along with them…buying gifts, decorating my house, baking cookies, holiday parties, and of course the food.

Thanksgiving is the official kickoff to 5 weeks of parties, holiday treats and more than usual alcohol consumption, and it’s really easy to fall of the wagon.  However it’s definitely not impossible to enjoy yourself while keeping your goals on track.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you to diet on Thanksgiving.  Like I always say, its ok to cheat once in a while and Thanksgiving is definitely one of those days.  However, there is a way to enjoy all of the tasty holiday dishes without gaining 8 pounds in a day.

Here are a few holiday eating rules I try to live by.

  1. Don’t starve yourself until the big meal. I used to make this mistake and then it resulted in me pigging out because I was so hungry and end up feeling sick (and probably gaining 8 pounds).  Eat a healthy breakfast like you normally would.
  2. Try to skip the appetizers and bread as much as possible to save it for the big meal.  I know when you host a holiday you want to have appetizers for your guests (as do I), but it becomes a little ridiculous on Thanksgiving because there is so much food and then dessert.  Practice some self control and hold off!
  3. It’s ok to try everything but portion control is key.  Take a little bit of everything you love to satisfy your cravings and if you’re actually still hungry you can always have a little more.
  4. When it comes to dessert you don’t have to skip it but choose ONE thing and have a reasonable sized portion.
  5. It’s essential to keep up with your clean eating during the week.  Don’t accept that “it’s the holiday’s attitude, I’ll eat whatever I want until New Years.”  This is a big mistake.  If you are able to keep up with a healthy diet during the week it’s ok to splurge a little at your holiday parties.
  6. Alcoholic beverages pack on a lot of additional calories.  Be smart with your liquid calories.  It’s ok to enjoy a drink or two but try to be conscious, as many cocktails are not only high in calories but high in sugar as well.

In addition to following these holiday eating rules, it’s essential to keep up with your workout regimen.  DO NOT slack off during the holidays because you are too busy buying gifts and going to parties.  Make time and get it done.  You will thank yourself later I promise!

I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving, and I hope you enjoy this special day with your loved ones.  Don’t forget to reflect on all of the blessings in your life!  I know I will be :).


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